Red Ball 6

Red Ball 6 is back and better than ever before, with barriers to beat new monsters to conquer, better, more striking images, and new challenges! Then you are certain to adore this section, in the event that you adored the earlier variants of the Crimson Ball game! Have you got what it requires to defeat all 30 degrees having an ideal score? Test your abilities now!

Play Red Ball 6 for Free

Utilizing the arrow keys or the keys that are ASWD, direct Red Ball through the labyrinth of challenges and degrees to finish each degree.

A, D, or right and left arrow keys – moves Red Ball right and left
Upward arrow key – or W makes reddish ball leap through the air
Down arrow key – or D helps slow all the way down Red Ball to quit before fatal falls

In Red Ball 6, unlike previous versions there aren’t any hotkeys to use so that you can restart the match, return to the primary menu, or toggle the sound and music effects.

red ball 6 game


Your main goal will be to accumulate as many stars as you possibly can throughout each degree. As well as stars that are gathering, you may have to find out the various concealed items through the entire sport. Each degree has one or even more concealed chests that might contain grape leaves that are gold or gold keys which is required so that you can unlock other passageways that you’ll should get.

Unlike the prior variants, this game doesn’t contain an accomplishment board full of various accomplishments that can help increase your score. Rather, your score is dependant on three variables: gathering concealed items scattered throughout each level and all the stars, finishing the degree in a brief timeframe, and finishing each level with total health.


Just like the last variant, players start the match with three well-being hearts. Whenever a creature is touched by you you lose half a well-being heart and must restart the amount in the past completed checkpoint. You’ll restart the amount from the start in the event that you lose all three well-being hearts within a amount.

red ball 6


Each level becomes more challenging than the last, yet the same fundamental notion is the same in all degrees: with all lives and collect golden stars, discover secret items, kill the creatures, and complete the degree in record time.

New Challenges & Creatures

As an example, players will come across Bats, Spiders, and SpitShooters, Spiked Cactuses throughout various degrees. In case any of these slime balls hit you, or touch the SpitShooter you’ll lose half a well-being heart.

A few examples of new challenges which are found throughout this variation can contain evaporating cloud stages, floating/going stages, and springs that will help you rebound high in the heavens to gather various things or reach higher stages.

Help! Caught is ’med by me!

Having trouble using a certain degree? Don’t stress, there are a lot of walkthrough videos accessible online. An easy Google search, or browsing the huge listing of videos on YouTube can efficiently allow you to finish even the most difficult level: level 30.